October 06, 2014

Bullying Awareness

Bullying Awareness Month

We at Absolute Protection Team truly care about the welfare of you and your family. This is why we feel it's important to talk about an issue that has always been around and will never go away... bullying.

If you ever experienced it yourself or if you have a child that is going through it right now, you know how much it can negatively affect a person's outlook on life. Though bullying will most likely always be present among school children, there are things you can do to prevent or stop it from happening.

  • Talking about it openly and honestly is the most effective step you can take. Teach your children what bullying is and how it can affect some people. Encourage your children to speak to a trusted adult if they are being bullied or if they see someone else being bullied. Tell them how to affectively stand up to a bully and knowing when to just walk away. And make sure they know that if they see another child being bullied, simply being kind to them can have more of an effect than the bullying itself.
  • Build a safe environment at school. Work with the teachers, faculty, other parents and children to establish and enforce rules and policies. Make sure to reinforce positive social interactions between children. Acceptance, tolerance and respect must be taught at home and at school beginning at a young age.

  • Know the signs. Easily identifying possible victims of bullying can make our jobs to keep our children safe easier. Some things to look for are unexplainable injuries, lost or destroyed belongings, frequent or faked illness, changes in eating habits, difficulty sleeping, frequent nightmares, declining grades, loss of interest in school, avoidance of social situations, decreased self-esteem or self-destructive behaviors. If your child or any other is showing any of these signs, try opening up a conversation about bullying to encourage them to feel safe to talk about their experiences with you.

As much as we want to explain to our children that the bullying will stop and the feelings they're experiencing will change, they may not understand. To them this could be the so traumatic that they're willing to take extreme measures to make it stop. Working together is the only way we can make our schools and neighborhoods a safer and happier place for our children.

Written By: Miranda Wilkerson


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Aspire Person
5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
Aspire Person
5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
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