October 09, 2014

Medical Emergencies - How To Get The Quickest Response

Medical Alert Systems

Every year there are millions of seniors (age 65 and older) that suffer from falls that can cause moderate to severe injuries. Bone fractures and head trauma are among the top two most common injuries in these falls. These injuries can be even further complicated if you or your loved one is alone at the time of the incident. Outside of falls, there are other serious health issues that can be of extreme concern on a day to day basis. Diabetes, heart problems, COPD are just a few examples of issues that could lead to a medical emergency. However, there is a way to protect yourself or your loved one and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing they’re always protected.

A medical alert service will ensure that you or your loved one will never be further than a button push away from getting help. Regardless if it’s a fall or other medical emergency, one push of a button is all that is needed to reach out to the monitoring station who will then communicate with you over a two way voice program to determine exactly what you need. The button can even be worn as a wrist band, necklace, or belt clip.

Two way voice is a form of communication specifically designed to decrease the response time and ensure that help arrives as quickly as possible. Once the medical alert button is pushed, an operator comes on over a speaker in your home to listen and communicate with you. Even if you may be incapacitated to a point that communication is not possible, the responder on the other end will still be able to help by not only dispatching a local EMS team but also by notifying your children, grandchildren, doctors or anyone you deem necessary to notify in a medical emergency situation. 

Finally with all the stress that comes along with the day to day life of going to work, raising a family, providing for your family & worrying about the care of your family; the peace of mind that a medical alert system gives is priceless. So many adult children in their 30s, 40s & 50s have so little time as it is with their jobs, spouses and children. Giving them one less thing to worry about could be a gift that would lift the weight of the world off their shoulders.

We’re here to make this process as easy as it can be. If you have any questions about the medical alert system, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss all of your options.

Also, please educate yourself and check out the statistics of this topic from the CDC. Plus, this is a great article from VeroNews.com for those of us who act as caregivers for our loved ones.

Written By: Miranda Wilkerson


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5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
Aspire Person
5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
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