November 03, 2014

Keeping Our Community Safe

Safety In Numbers

The Neighborhood Watch Program first began being used in 1972. It was created to organize citizens and let citizens work with law enforcement to keep a trained eye and ear on their communities, while demonstrating their presence at all times of day and night.

Today the Neighborhood Watch programs are alive and well in some areas but many suburban neighborhoods are not involved due to the misplaced belief that crime gravitates towards the cities. Having a monitored security system is a great place to start in keeping your home safe but all security systems can be greatly enhanced by adapting the philosophy of “neighborhood security”.

This means each resident becomes an extra set of eyes and ears for the neighborhood. Let’s face it, thieves love easy and having an established neighborhood watch makes it that much more difficult to work your area. A few simple things you can do each day are paying attention to strangers in your neighborhood, report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement officers, listen for sounds that are out of the ordinary, pay close attention to unfamiliar cars and be aware of your neighbors general routines.

Make sure to always keep in mind that the best way to prevent a burglary is to think like a burglar! Professional criminals don’t want to get caught so they’ll do everything they can to not get noticed. If you see a stranger doing what looks like a regular activity in your neighborhood, take note of it. A jogger who doesn’t live in the neighborhood, someone walking a dog you’ve never seen, anyone knocking door to door without proper identification… these could all be potential risks to you and your neighbors.

If you’re thinking of starting your own Neighborhood Watch program in your area, here are a few helpful links to get started.

Finally, be an advocate! If you have a home security system and you like it, let your neighbors know about it. If you always have and always will have a security system, tell people why you feel that way.

Keeping our neighborhoods safe is not only the job of law enforcement. It takes a community effort to build and maintain the areas we truly want to call home.

Written By: Miranda Wilkerson


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Aspire Person
5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
Aspire Person
5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
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