October 20, 2014

New Homeowner Safety Tips

Keeping Your New Home Safe

Whether you’re making the transition from renter to first time homeowner or you’re relocating to a new area, moving puts you in a vulnerable position when it comes to safety. We've had numerous experiences dealing with families who were victims of theft while they were in the process of moving in to their new home. So, we've decided to put together a few tips to help keep your family and belongings as safe as possible during your transition to your new home.

  • Get to know your new neighborhood. Do your research before you commit to the home. Resources such as CrimeMapping can let you know what kind of crimes go on within your area. Also, simply driving around the community will give you a good idea of what to expect from your new neighbors.
  • Replace the locks of your new home as soon as you’re able to. This should be the first to do item on your list. The previous homeowners could have given copies of the keys to neighbors, family, cleaning service and more. You don’t want anyone to have a key to your new home other than yourself.

  • Prepare your new home to be lived in once again. A couple of days before you move in, you should call out a pest control service or tackle it yourself with some bug bombs. You should also take advantage of this time to give the home a deep clean. Make sure to check your smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detectors, window/door locks and other precautionary equipment is in good working order.

  • Meet the neighbors before you move in. It’s always a good step to introduce yourself if they don’t get to you first. Good neighbors are a large part of a happy home life. Not to mention, neighbors can be a great defense in helping to keep your property safe while moving in.

  • Install or activate your home security system. There may already be a security system installed at your new home. If that’s the case, all you need to do is have a security consultant come out to test that it’s in good working order and then have it connected to the monitoring station. If your new home does not have a system already installed, that’s ok too. Have a security consultant come out to survey the home and give you the best recommendation to protect your home. Be sure to get multiple quotes either way to ensure that you’re getting the best service!

Moving is a huge headache to begin with and many times movers are targeted by criminals because they see what you have as you’re moving in and you’re an easy target once you leave your home. Taking these precautionary steps will make sure you’ve got the best defense possible against becoming a victim of theft.

Written By: Miranda Wilkerson


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5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
Aspire Person
5 years ago
Great text! Thank you
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